Sailing Schedule & Rates

Captree Fishing on the Capt. Gillen


11am to 3pm

Fluke Fishing

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun


6am to 10:30am

Fluke Fishing

Sat, Sun & Mon


4pm to 8pm

Fluke Fishing

Sat, Sun & Mon


9pm to 1am

Fri, Sat & Sun

Striped Bass/Bluefish


Daytime Fares:

Adult $43

Senior Citizen $39

Children $25

Includes use of Rod, Reel, Bait and Tackle


9pm Fare

$50 Adult

$40 Child

Includes use of Rod, Reel, Bait and Tackle

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Captree Fishing Capt Gillen

Captree Fishing on the Capt Gillen (631)586-5511

Don’t Miss the Boat

On Hot Summer Days please allow Extra Travel Time for Beach and Bridge Traffic.

Check-in is 1/2 hour prior to Departure.

If you need to cancel

please call (631)586-5511 or E-mail.


A Reservation does not imply that the

Capt. Gillen will wait for Late Arrivals.


If you are not checked in within 1/2 hour prior to Departure,

we reserve the right to give your spot away.


Please Don’t Miss the Boat

We Look Forward to Welcoming You Aboard